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Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in CanadaI

Introducing our new leather choker collection. Handmade in Canada using a leather lacing whipstitch technique. Shop online at now. Free shipping to Canada and the continental United States.




My name is Andrea Pascual. I am a proud Filipino-Canadian. 

I studied Graphic Design and Leather Accessories (Footwear and Handbags) Design. I'm an artist at heart - my true love is creating.

One time, while white water rafting in Costa Rica, I fell out of the raft and held onto a rock, waiting to be saved - I was scared for my dear life! A few years ago, while living in BC, a winter "walk" in Squamish turned into a nightmare. The sky turned pitch-black around 4pm, and I veered off onto the wrong trail - a steep decline preferably walkable during daylight hours without ice or snow. I lost track of the markers and had to call for help. The park ranger said that if I kept walking in the direction I was going, I would have walked off the cliff!

When I'm not living outside of my comfort zone, I enjoy reading, yoga and baking (maple butter tarts!). I am also greatly inspired by music - I grew up on rap and hip hop, but I enjoy exploring new sounds and choosing new tunes that always become the ongoing soundtrack to my life.