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Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in CanadaI

Introducing our new leather choker collection. Handmade in Canada using a leather lacing whipstitch technique. Shop online at now. Free shipping to Canada and the continental United States.



Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in Canada

PASCUALTV - NYC Garment District

Andrea Pascual

Sourcing materials is a daunting task when starting out as a designer. From my experience, leather retailers rarely have what I am looking for, whereas leather wholesalers have better selection. Conversely, wholesalers require minimum orders - how does an emerging designer purchase these costly minimums, when all we require are small quantities of leather? I have yet to figure it out. Please see my video below of my most recent jaunt through New York City's Garment District. 

PASCUALTV - 2016 Independent Handbag Designer Awards

Andrea Pascual

I was so thrilled to be a finalist in The 2016 Independent Handbag Designer Awards. My 97 clutch was nominated in the Bernina Best Handmade Handbag category. This has been such a humbling experience, and I feel confident and encouraged to continue my career as an independent handbag designer.

Independent Handbag Designer Awards

Andrea Pascual


I am super stoked to share the news: I'm a finalist in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards! My 97 clutch made it to The Bernina Best Handmade Handbag category. This baby is fully handmade by me, using a double-loop whipstitch technique with leather lacing.

I will be attending the ceremony in NYC in June, and I am so excited!

Please vote for me on as your Audience Fan Favourite here.

Wish me luck!


Andrea Pascual

It is urgent that consumers and retailers practice sustainability when consuming and manufacturing fashion. Global warming is real, including pollution and waste from manufacturing garments, and consumer trash from discarding “fast fashion” goods.

Inditex, Zara's parent company, recently reported its net income rose at the fastest rate in three years: 15 percent to 2.88 billion euros. The numbers are superb from a business standpoint, but what about the effects of all that clothing on the environment? Billions of dollars of clothing.

H&M and Forever 21 are also billion-dollar fast fashion players. Like Zara, they too churn out trends at the speed at which they are seen on the runway and shared on social media.

The “buy less, buy better” mantra must be applied to our approach to fashion. Sadly, we live in the age of excess. Cheap, poor quality, “trendy” fashion goods should not be manufactured or bought at the expense of our deteriorating planet. We need to care about the longevity of our planet and the practice of sustainability.

Social Media Sameness

Andrea Pascual

Social media is an important part of building a brand. “Industry” people like bloggers and photographers have advised me to step up my social media game for my company, Pascual: “Take some cafe shots! Use a white background!” Weary of taking their advice, I’ve struggled to create content that is unique and engaging. 

I even took notes from influencers on The ’Gram. Search #fashionblogger and you will see that the most “successful” bloggers (AKA those with the most followers), have identical aesthetics: marble backdrops for flatlays; monochrome colour palettes; bird’s eye views of “girl-on-bed-with-coffee”; Stan Smiths with every #ootd; buildings in Soho, NYC. The Ultimate Fashion Influencer Starter Pack.

I’m hungry for Pascual’s exposure, but I refuse to imitate their visuals on my feed. Until I cook up my next big Instagram plan, I’ll keep churning out my own original vision, regardless of likes and follower count.

Photos: Top left + bottom right: Andrea Pascual. Top right +  bottom left: Google

"I Love Kanye"

Andrea Pascual

Though his apparel is ghastly, his Yeezy Boosts are played out (sorry, hypebeasts — are you copping or reselling?), and his tantrums are out of hand, I'm still a fan of Kanye West. Call him a "designer" or don't. But what aspiring designer wouldn't use the infrastructure of megabrand Adidas to push out their idea of fashion? Rant or rave about his music — his plea to The Grammys for genuine black music representation was the truth. And yes, his Twitter fingers really should ease up, but he's Kanye being Kanye. It's entertaining.

Despite his belligerent ways, Kanye is still one of my favourite artists/producers. The plight of the artist is an expressive and emotional one, and as a creative person myself, looking to Kanye gives me a feeling of hope that I will eventually come up in the fashion game by being unapologetically me.

San Francisco + Sonoma & Napa Valley

Andrea Pascual

I spent US Thanksgiving in San Francisco with my boyfriend.

The Bay area, indeed, has a beautiful skyline. And throughout the city, I was enamoured by the eclectic architecture and charming, colourful Victorian homes. But, what really stole my heart (and my stomach!) was the endless array of genuinely good food.

I am a "foodie" as much as I am a creative, and this time around, I dropped my typical search for "fashion inspo" to partake in the unique gastronomical experience that is San Francisco.

Another highlight of my trip was Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. I have so much more appreciation for wineries now - especially the smaller, family-run, organic ones. Visiting these wineries affirmed my position towards integrity and honesty in a product, no matter what product you create.

I hope to visit San Francisco again. Next time, I plan to visit Sausalito, check out the Museum of Modern Art, eat at restaurants I couldn't get to, and perhaps grab a coffee with some like-minded creatives such as myself.