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Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in CanadaI

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Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in Canada


Andrea Pascual

I watched the film Basquiat on a long flight home from Frankfurt to YYZ. This film woke me up to the utter brilliance that is Jean-Michel Basquiat. I've always admired him, but I never did love his work the way that I do now.

Basquiat was a Neo-Expressionist painter. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was of Haitian-American-Puerto Rican descent. His graffiti name was "Samo" and he was close friends and collaborator with the late Andy Warhol. 

Viewing Basquiat's work, I see movement, poetry, colour and emotion. I am provoked to excitement, gratefulness, somlemness and sometimes even laughter. His art is no joke, but I definitely react to a dark sense of humour in some of his paintings. I am also especially drawn to his graphic use of words and letters.

In May 2013, the artist's painting, Dustheads (1982), sold for $48.8 million.

This leads me to ponder the following quote from the movie, Basquiat:

What is it about art, anyway that we give it so much importance? Artists are respected by the poor because what they do is an honest way to get out of the slum using one’s sheer self as the medium. The money earned is proof pure and simple of the value of that individual...The Artist. The picture a mother’s son does in jail hangs on her wall as proof that beauty is possible even in the most wretched. And this is a much different idea than the fancier notion that art is a scam and a rip-off. But you could never explain to someone who uses God’s gift to enslave that you have used God’s gift to be free.

God's gift to be free. I want this more than anything for my "art" and my work. Super inspired. Good night.