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Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in CanadaI

Introducing our new leather choker collection. Handmade in Canada using a leather lacing whipstitch technique. Shop online at now. Free shipping to Canada and the continental United States.


Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in Canada


Andrea Pascual

I just got back from Hawaii - a much-needed (and long-awaited) vacation. I stayed in Oahu - the beach was divine and the food was scrumptious; what more can a girl ask for? Though snorkelling and art-crawling was my favourite part of the trip, I was also excited to learn about Hawaiian culture and nature (AKA plants, animals and original island settlers). I totally geeked out. I will also admit to you that seeing the valley Jurassic Park was filmed in also quite exhilarated me. Yep. Loved it!