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Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in CanadaI

Introducing our new leather choker collection. Handmade in Canada using a leather lacing whipstitch technique. Shop online at now. Free shipping to Canada and the continental United States.


Luxury Leather Goodness // Handmade in Canada

The Unprecedented

Andrea Pascual

Randa Salloum's blog, The Unprecedented, is a treat filled with fashion, style and the occasional dating anecdote. If you've read her recent 'Non Negotiables' post, you will learn how quickly she keeps it real, how easily she makes you chuckle, and how you can feel like her longtime girlfriend, just by reading what she's written on the screen.

I've been so lucky to have Randa blog about my Hornchurch clutch, and wear it in several, personalized 'monochromie' ways. Seeing my bags with Randa in the limelight are a constant reminder of all the reasons why I am meant to keep hustling my crazy dream.

Find Randa here and here.


Photos: Sarah Boland